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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

time slows down,
whenever you're around...

-Today was a fairytale (2010)

currently stuck on this song coz
1. Taylor swift sang it. duh. and i like her songs XD
2. It was used in the soundtrack of Valentine's Day, the movie in which Taylor will make her feature film debut. oh and did i mention that that movie has almost entirely every A-list celebrity in hollywood?! not that i wanna be them but they are good in what they do so i'm sure its gonna be a great movie!!! so exicited!!!

i even got jon jon to teach me how to play it on the guitar but something happened so he just taught me the go-around-chords... haiz....

fun fact:
exercise with the new SYM-ers is kinda both exicting and weird.... i gotta say....

yes it's me
9:52 PM

Monday, February 8, 2010

facebook actually said that i had no posts to view.


fun fact:

there was actually a time when i could i dentify all of Pokemon 1.


yes it's me
10:52 PM