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Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok ppl! im 18! the age where i can legally drink (not that i want to, alcohol makes me spit it out) and smoke (i can't even take the smell much more the stupid habit?!)

i woke up and went downstairs to shut off my hp alarm as usual. who knew that my mom would wake up and boil two eggs for me and dye them in red! there was a little note there that wished me a happy birthday.... awww.... yeah i know... usually i have to remind her what day it is but she can remember my birthday which she usually forgets :)

so i went to college and the first person to greet me was syereen followed by syaron after hearing her sis wish me and 1 of the september intake girls. haha. halfway during class when shu ying came in she wished me 2, mouthing the words la.... if not mrs oh sure tembak her 1.... during break time only the rest of the gang wished me.... haiz.... guess fb is not as reliant as it is.... hehe...

we went to prangin to celebrate by having secret recipe cake. we all get to choose a slice of whatever cake we wanted and mine is free! of course la.... birthday girl mah... (cheh wah :P)

towards the zebra crossing at penang road, shu ying had the craziest idea. take a photo in the middle of the crossing! i mean, this is penang road! one of the busiest roads of penang and u want to take a photo of us in the middle?! in 20+ seconds?!

knowing me, the-take-no-risk-one, of course i objected la... teased shu ying a little summore. but we did it in the end with kelvin taking the photo for all of us! we took it at 7 seconds and by the time he said ok it was 2 seconds left so we all cabut to the opposite road. all the motorists were laughing and shu ying said she wanted to do it again (0_0) maybe some other time la har.....

when we got back miss yee theng was supposed to sing a happy birthday song to me but me (dengan hati yang mulia :p) decided no need la... later i found out that she wanted peanut to sing with her but he "let go of the plane". so nvm la.... i got it in their hearts.

ps: i have a blog post abt me!!! its from my friend in sec school. check it out : http://www.wretch.cc/blog/Karmeiii/12940903

neat huh? seems like elfreda was right. don't expect and you'll be happy. thx freda! thx everyone!

I'm sorry I took your calls for granted,
it was my well-being that you wanted.
Admist all the wishes that did arrive,
my only wish is that you're still alive.

yes it's me
8:36 PM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

don't you think that some of the best movie plots or quotes come from everyday life? sometimes we get in a situation where we spew out things that its so relavant and when something like that comes out of a movie you think to yourself, hey, they should use my line!

i donno.... maybe thats just me..... but hey:

life's a roller coaster :P it goes up and down but its the screams that you hear that makes you laugh :)

yes it's me
12:08 AM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yeah if u don't watch the show u won't get it but its basically like derek's nightmare.... hahaha

fun fact:

i'm a pop country junkie :)

yes it's me
1:19 PM

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ok, you know what?


yes it's me
10:59 PM