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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and so... with my newfound shock, i opened the letter to find out this next logo....

see that? that the alumini logo for ns... why wud it be on the letter? therefore, todays question is... WHY?

WHY? yes, good question. why did i get this letter with this logo if i never got into ns before?

and so it continues... my quest to discover the truth..... next time, on this blog.

yes it's me
9:03 PM

Monday, July 27, 2009

this is funny...i got home after a 3 hour trip from perlis on saturday and found a letter addressed to me with this letterhead.....

yeap..... the ns letter.... as for all your WH- questions...i shall answer them part by part. today i shall start with "WHAT?!"

yeah.... its the NS letterhead. as if the big KHIDMAT NEGARA words didn't tell you that...

tune in next time for the next part as how i unrevell the mysteries of our goverment...

yes it's me
11:30 AM

ok, here's the thing. im too lazy to blog for now. so i will be ghosting for a while... u know... somedays i write somedays i dont. seems selfish? yes it is.

but hey, its my blog right XD?

yes it's me
12:13 AM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello again...so sry for not posting anything for a long time. i was in campus camp that so great and relaxing. granted that there wasnt alot ppl that went for it, but we were comforted with the words of the camp speaker, Pas- i mean, Brother (hehe) David Yeow who told us that the Holy Spirit allowed this to happen. wow, that was comforting.

The Spirit of God was so present there that when brother david prayed for me, i could'nt really lean forward. whenever i stood still i felt like i was going to fall backwards and i had to push myself to lean forward to stand straight. after that session nite 2 i couldnt sing much during worship cos as i reflected back at everything, i realised that God still loved me. isnt it wonderful to have a God like Him?

we were at Sufes Campsite, Tapah in Perak. i din realise that there was not much reception there until i saw ben-ji lifting up his handphone like he was trying to contact aliens. haha (lately we have been going to camps without reception...no more disturbance!) at least the yellow man was playing at the playground :)

playing mafia on the bus was so cool coz everyone on the bus playing mafia and we were so into it that at one point the radio was playing the soundtrack to the game. haha...so funny la that time. pr tom even managed to reveal his identity without showing it publicly. thank goodness that in all games CITIZENS WIN THE GAME!

the games were so funny. we had to build a fort out of bubblegum and toothpicks and explain it. we din really had a full explaination but jin siang, our wonderful group leader, managed to say a whole bunch of stuff with daniel ending by banging the drums. so funny la i tell u.

oh ya, the food, was GOOD. every time we ate the food so nice that we all mostly makan twice. oh the wonderful fried chicken....

we were given the opportunity to shop in ipoh old town. there we bought tons of chicken biscuits, salted chicken, pamelo's and chicken rice. we even had 80 sen tau hua and tau chui. walking all over that town was like penang. while waiting for the bus to come, we saw a pair of shih tzu puppies. they were brothers and they were the cutest dogs when they were playing. all of us were going ahh so cute when they lied down together. and when they yawned? *faints*

in all, we had a great time there. thank u to all the organisers and the camp speaker for planing all these out. and praise God that He made all of it a success.

fun fact:

1. never wear sport shoes when u go stream trekking. it makes ur shoes wet for 2 days.
2. king, queen and princess are so friendly! ( i think we overstuffed princess. she looks obeese)
3. there's a river of sprite flowing just outside... :P
4. sorry yi lin for throwing the water bomb into ur face and accusing u as the mafia even though i was the one. i was trying to save myself XD

yes it's me
6:01 PM

Monday, July 6, 2009

i'm typing this from inside my college... yes u heard me.

it's so wierd here...its small, but the ppl who graduate here are actually very qualified! the libary is small but there's tons and tons of books about eng lit, buiness, econs, law (there's like a whole collection there!).

so in short, i look forward to having a new experience and i wish i would never wish to jump from the 18 floor (as what my new lectuerer said).

fun fact:

lalala.... i just always wanted to do that :P

yes it's me
12:10 PM

Friday, July 3, 2009

yes micheal jackson is dead. so what. i found out about it when i came back from work last friday and i din go nuts about it. if you saw cnn later that day, there was this guy in england that actually got down on his kness and facedown on the road crying when he heard it. i doubt he would be that sad if someone close to him died. i mean la, does micheal jackson know you? y so sad? u don't hear him making anymore new songs, just his old ones that is in mp3 la, cd la... those are the stuff that ppl like him for. yes maybe im being harsh, but hey, i would much like to mourn about bionic woman getting cancelled (why did it get cancelled?! it was such a nice show!!!) then to cry over micheal jackson.

had nice tau hua jsut now. from the guy that rides his stall at the lane behind my house everyday. i think he saw me grow up coz i used to buy from him all the time when i was small. haha.

was thinking about my sec school life this morning. how it all happened all the way from f1 to f5. all the frens and things we went thru. disiplin la, prefect la, calling our maths teacher by her full name la... man i miss those days. i miss teasing with my classmates. espeacially when i have one person telling me that naruto is the worst anime ever and i have to retaliate that saying haruhi suzumiya is not much better.

those were the good old days.

fun fact:

have u tried telling your fishes to die faster? don't. coz they will dissapoint u more.

yes it's me
1:53 PM

Thursday, July 2, 2009

today i drove....yes....i drove.

not much la...just to sungai nibong nia.... went to the petrol station and to the putra place apartments... waited for my bro at queensbay...at a double line...so freak-ass scared k.... if polis come i dunno whether i can use my soon-to-be-lawyer persuation voice toescape anot :P

oh yeah...regarding that, i have decided to go to kemayan atc....yes i know its very (huh where's that place) even though ppl say its very famous for its law facaulty... it stands for kemayan Advance tertiery college in the umno building in town... im not ready to leave penang just yet....haha...

my a-levels will include law, english lit (i cant escape this, even in sec school) and buissnes studies. so if there's anymore questions, it better not be about what im studying unless u cant read (i sound so evil :P)


yes it's me
6:29 PM