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Thursday, May 28, 2009



yes it's me
3:11 PM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

here's something from phineas and ferb that i can't stop hearing...it's just so nice!

its from disney's phineas and ferb in case you didn't notice. watch it! its funny and has ashley tinsdale in it!

fun fact:

i was treated by a different doctor. my original doctor's second son. the third one is an accupunturist.


yes it's me
11:40 PM

Monday, May 25, 2009

yes...still sick...a bit better now though.... just a sore throat and a very painful headrush...oh ya, and a cough.
last night was so hot! even at the coolest part of the house with the fan at full blast, i was practically throwing all the pillows and blankets away from the bed. then only i realise, yesterday was a very hazy day...so naturally it is hot. STOP BURNING FORREST!!

i hate hot days.

and the smell of smoke.

yes it's me
11:42 AM

Saturday, May 23, 2009

yes i'm sick. no its not A(H1N1). dunno how long its gonna be. last time i checked my temperature was 38.6 degrees... but i still went for the anniversary dinner...after popping a panadol that is....even brought them there just in case. haha. eat all the nice food there...including the deep fried stuff. threw precaution outta window. :P

the entertainment was great. the dancers were wonderful. only thing was only 1 backup dancer was giving her all in every dance. the rest kinda lose to her. i bet she's a sanguine! after all that dancing, how could she still have so much energy to keep up with all the other dancers? haha...

but still, a dinner is still a dinner! my fav dishes that night, pretty much can't lose to this one...


yeah i'm high maintainence.

yes it's me
1:57 PM

Thursday, May 21, 2009

weird dream, hot weather, lone computer, one person.

and that's all you need to drive me crazy.

to my life.

yes it's me
1:20 PM

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

was supposed to go for my 2nd motorbike class but i forgot about it so when the ppl at the driving school called i told them to cancel it. crap. and i was sooo looking forward to it. i think i can pass already... just need to learn the hand signals and i'm good. i'm averaging at 8 seconds at the beam without falling off. YEAH!

fun fact:

people actually sell coconut jelly in penang. you don't have to go all the way to setiawan just to try it.

oh yeah, i went there (meaning not setiawan).

yes it's me
8:52 PM

Sunday, May 17, 2009

today i went through life like a normal person. if u would like to know more, live through today.

yes it's me
7:06 PM

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i went for my second driving lesson yesterday so i had to wear my sport shoes. i was really sleepy and i still was when i came back. so i left my shoes outside the house and i didn't wear them the whole day. i totally forgot about them being outside which is really risky because my neighbourhood has a history of occational shoe thievery. That's why the first time bernice and freda came to my house to stay i told them to keep their shoes inside. can't risk it being sold in lorong kulit the next day...

my dear sport shoes.... just got them this year so i'm super proud of 'em XD (ignore the date. i just set it to default)

later going for my first motorbike lesson. cool yeah! but wait, i have to go to melati for that. and melati is all the way in seberang prai. have to cross the bridge and stuff. haiz.... why cannot just find a big field and learn there la. so much more easier. but still have to remember that most green land in penang island are mostly cemetries. haha. but still, i shall be able to ride the motorcycles in my house soon!

muahaha... my transportation dream....

fun fact:

my friend called me yesterday. she's a primary school friend who i was very close to. she was in my class since standard 4 all the way to std 6. we didn't meet again since the last day of primary school and the last time we spoke was on the phone 3 years ago. first thing she ask was "did you kena NS?" yeah, nice to hear from you too.

nah, i didn't say that to her. people hardly make me angry. i only find people annoying but soon i enjoy them being annoying. as long as its friendly and doesn't hurt me physically. good case scenario? ask that guy in my class when i was in std 6. that whole sand papering my arm was not a good thing. guess what i did. haha.

so we talked and we found out stuff about each other. she was suprised that i was a prefect due to my craziness in primary school. lets face it, a girl who defies every warning a prefect gives isn't exactly a role model to be followed. but talking to her made me realise something. i had changed. she said i was more girly in school but currently, on the phone, i sounded a lot more louder than i was last time. don't get me wrong, she's sounds more confiedent than she was last time but now i realised, i have been rough. man, secondary school did make me louder. i sounded like one of those people who would threathen for fun. gangster in the making? i hope not.

now i gotta figure out a way to be nicer to people. as in speech wise. don't worry my dear friends, i will still threathen, but u would have already known that i meant the best :D

yes it's me
1:53 PM

whoo yeah, the season of boredom is upon us.
i'm so happy.

yes it's me
1:07 PM

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Johnny sat on the windowsill, facing the field filled with grass. The fluttering American flag hung outside his house came into his view occasionaly, but that didn't stop the boy from wondering where did people go to when they get hurt inside.

His mother stood behind him, smiling as his face reminded her of her husband, who was fighting a war that never seemed to end. Even Johnny had not seen him for half of his life, and being only 6, he didn't seem to worry because war was important in his daddy line of work. He protects the country and he leaves the house to do so, his mom taught him that a long time ago.

"Mommy?" Johnny asked suddenly. "Yes Johnny?" his mother replied.

"Where do people to when they're hurt inside?" he asked innecently.

"Why, to a place where it doesn't hurt anymore. Are you hurt?" the mother's voice grew with concern.

Johnny swiftly hug his mother, face into her dress. All she could do was place a hand on his head and the other on his shoulder. "I was hurt inside," came a muffled voice, "because daddy wasn't here for my birthday yesterday. But now I don't need to go to the place where it doesn't hurt anymore."

"Beacause it came to me."


yes it's me
4:09 PM

Friday, May 8, 2009

went to botanic today. didn't realise that this year's merentas desa was pushed forward today rather then in June. oh well...

saw many teachers and friends. haha. majority was the prefects :) last time all my juniors, now all my fans! hehe... no la... play play mah... i understand la... whole half an hour stand at the gate doing nothing can be very boring.... summore got 4 teachers sitting under the tree so cannot slack... haiz... so sad...

met sally at the surviniour shop. turns out she didn't want to take eng lit anymore. all she focus now is form 6 bio at chung ling. wonder what the heck my school people are doing there? bring kettle to school to boil water? really keng la my school people... anything to make their lives better. thats why la, street smart number 1, studies number 2. haha. no la.... jk...

really miss those days. just run like nobodys buisness. haha. i always stand in front but never even qualified for a lucky draw. haha. nvm la. fun mah. waking up at 6, be at the gardens by 7, run at 8, finish by 11. man those were the days...

yes it's me
12:27 PM

Thursday, May 7, 2009

sigh....... will i ever get it? only time will tell.....

been bugging my mom about it for so long.... but i guess its only when she can get a good price for it then only she will get it. dun blame her... last i checked, the basic set costs RM 3 990. even after discount its on RM3 280.

been waiting for years now. guess its no harm waiting few more months...

yes it's me
8:31 PM

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looking at the screen, seeing how empty it seems...

yeah... i know... the line sucks... but that's what happens when u're bored. like me.

ever since finishing my series of my mission trip, i have literally no idea what to write. don't tell me put up pictures of my life because i don't carry a camera wherever i go ok? plus, my phone can't connect to my computer because its not programmed to do so.

my restaurant in facebook is doing fine. really lack of waitresses but i think it will hold up. i turned off the really cute sound in favour of watching music videos online. mostly jay chou songs. i started with wo pu pei and now i ended up with ben chao gang mu. super hip song with cool dance moves. heck, even the two little girls in there can do moves that i can't. i don't really blame them. i only really started doing hip hop last year. really cacat one la but at least got kai tarng to help polish them up.

been thinking about what i wanted to do after spm. last year, i had so many things, learn horse riding, learn driving, pick up where i left off in my wushu classes... so far? i'm just went to my first driving class. whoopie.

sigh... really don't what to do now. stupid dvd player is so fried that even a movie can't play properly after 10 minutes. ah!!! sometimes i wish i had those assignments in sym to do again. wait what? did i just say that? oh crap, now i'm really outta my mind.....

yes it's me
2:39 PM

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mission Trip (final part) (Graduation,free,final day)

i challenged myself to finish all my experiences in sabah within 1 month that i came back and darn it! i'm gonna do it!

Graduation Day

my handphone alarm rang at 6.30am but i just turned it off because i just felt really sleepy. so i zonked off again. haha. i din realise how long i slept until i heard freda's voice saying," Girls, u have 45 more minutes to get ready." if u dint jump out of bed the moment you hear that i think ur nuts. both yi lin and i lifted our heads the moment we heard the first word. fast leh....
freda has no problem getting up earlier than us coz she has to help her mother prepare breakfast for her brother and cousin. see? so loving... so me and yi lin got ready and we were on time because pr tom came abit later thanks to the morning kk jam. pr tom told freda that he'll pick her up later to go to SIB Lkas for practise. so we left for SIB Likas to meet up with the heng family.

we reached there and the heng family. the other 2 brothers weren't there coz, well, school, duh. aaron had a thriler book that he borrowed from the state libary. pr tom was to follow Mr. Heng's car to the breakfast place. i borrowed aaron's book and all the girls sat in the heng car while aaron sat with pr tom to show the way. when we were leaving, bobby came so he followed us as well.
in the car, we were talking mostly about what sabah has or something like that la. i can't remember :P but i remember reading out loud the state libary of sabah from the chop at the book. 1 thing led to another and i told them about how i got banned from the penang state libary. Mr. Heng thought that i was making up a story because it did sound ridiculous but i assure you, it was real.

we reached the kopitiam at the corner of a row of shop rows. we then found out the speaciality of the place: beef meat balls with koay teow soup. cili sauce is optional. u can choose to eat with bee hoon or mee as well. it was really good man. the cili sauce just amplified the taste of the meat balls. the soup was the best. so clear yet so tasty. if i ever go back i wanna eat that again. its very feeling some more. what they served me was the small bowl. in penang, that would be the big bowl. so you can imagine just how full i was from one bowl. but it was worth it :) we talked with bobby and aaron and bernice's parents for a while. then we thanked them for treating us and we went our seperate ways. i sat in bobby's car with some of us (i can't remember who) and went back to shalom while pr tom went back to pick freda up.

when we reached shalom, kevin and matthew were already there. i can't really remember anything from there onwards so i'm just gonna skip to the part where pr tom came back. we started practise again. after practise we decided to do everything back to detail. i finished the powerpoint slideshow touch ups while the boys were buzy changing the lcd monitor. they were being helped by Jamun, the caretaker. they took the lcd monitor from the powerhouse room and changed it with the original one from the shalom room. the wire wasent long enough from the computer to the lcd so with the electricity turned off, pr tom climbed into the roof to fix it. i could hear him talk and crawling up there. haha.

after trying to fix the stuff, pr tom decided to go and buy a longer wire for the job. so we who had nothing to do, lengan from all the work out. freda and yi lin both went to sleep in the music room; bernice went to sleep in the powerhouse room, aaron was...somewhere; juan, nat and i fell asleep at the "stage". i didn't where benjamin was coz i was sleeping before i knew where he was. haha.
we woke when pr tom and matt came back. we managed to fix the whole thing back and practised again. we managed to have our normal entrances back again for the drama. oh ya, since we didn't have a electric guitar, bernice took over freda's role as acustic guitarist while freda sang with us. she was also needed to open two songs in our worship. we managed a full dress rehersal and even managed to lay out the tables and chairs for the dinner, including the decorative cloth for the tables. it was blue. shining bue. u can imagine how happy freda was. pr tom then did a mission trip debrief outside with all of us. he gave an evalution to all the sabahans while us penangnites will be done back home. matt was in charge of the overall debrief after the whole thing and he had to mail it to pr tom. we left the place to come back later at 4.
pr tom dropped us back in freda's house to bathe and change and get all the stuff that we needed. it was very fast because before we knew it, it was time to go again. so we arrived back at shalom at 5.30pm, seeing ppl there talking. wow.

the guests had arrived! they were chatting and welcoming back the powerhouse ppl and stuff. the food had already arrived but we couldn't serve yet. so we went around meeting friends and the sabahans family. yi lin finally met the ppl aaron kept wanting her to meet so she had a blast. freda's family showed up moments after we did so it was quite funny for us. there was still no electricity so matthew called for a emergency meeting outside. just as he did, electricty came back. Halleluyah! the show can go on. we unwrapped the plastic covering of the food and served dinner. 15 minutes before the start of the show, matthew gathered everyone in the powerhouse room to give us a pep talk, something to get us excited for the whole thing. it did work and i had to get my makeup done for the final time. THANK GOODNESS!!!! (ya la bernice i'll probably have makeup on my face again but it'll be looooonng time from now:P)

the whole programme went well. it was smooth sailing all the way. everyone did a wonderful presentation: nathaniel's testimony was clear and humuorus, something he was working on very hard during practise; yi lin's eyes cleared up and her voice came back clearer than ever; kevin did a great job worship leading and did the best devil performance ever; juan's testimony was smooth even though he had a language barrier; matt touched people with his testimony; freda's father cried when he saw her up there giving her testimony because he could see the change in her; benjamin did a very smooth summary of the heart drama; bernice did her best performance as the *ahem* (u made ur teacher proud! whoops...hehe); aaron made people feel inspired; daniel did a great job as the drunk; me? i'm just glad that i didn't do anything supid or embaressing. i wore a dress that freda lend me, complete with a black shawl from bernice. guess i still need woredrobe help. haha. the pastor that spoke to us was the president of all the SIB churches, Pastor Jerry Dusing. his sermon of youth having to rely on God was motivating as we were entering adulthood and we must always rely on God for strength and wisdom. pr tom then handed the sabahans their plate (again) and gave them their certificate, officially declaring all of us graduates of SYM 2009.

after we were all prayed for, it was paparazzi time! jia jun and their media head, John, were holding professional cameras and they took many photos. those that brought their cameras had a great time snapping the night away. everyone had crazy poses and were talking non-stop about funny stuff. nat and juan did their "no smiling funny girlfriend stories" again in front of freda's friends and we did the open book way of reading the Bible. had a fun time with friends and family and more laughing haha.... pics of the graduation can be found here. just go to the post that says SYM 2009 Graduation and you'll see it all there.
people began to leave and we thanked them for coming. really it was a extream effort to come because not only was it a thursday, it was starting at the time people just finish work. so some people basically rushed over through the jams of kk. comitment man. we once again met up in the powerhouse room for a debrief. this time, pr tom led the debrief and we all relaxed after our last project together. then we confirmed final items for the Pulau Mamutik trip the next day and did our final "SYM 2009!" cheer together.

if u were wondering whether did we get to eat at all, yes we did. after the graduation. there was enough food left for us so we just hantam-ed everything. haha. our dinnermates included 2 youths from powerhouse named Andy, Daniel and John, the media guy. he came to penang a few weeks before we came to sabah for the livewire charge up conference in epcc. really funny la those guys. we cleared up the place and waited outside for pr tom to clear up accounts with aaron. aaron, bernice, matt and juan left for home with jia jun while the rest of us piled up in the van. we saw kevin's house for the first time which was quite far from SIB Likas but it was a really nice area to live in.

we reached home really late at night. by the time i checked my phone, it was nearly 1 am. and we had to get up at 7 because pr tom was coming at 8. so we changed and sleeeeeeeeep...............
Free Day

we woke up at 7 and took our stuff that we needed for the trip downstairs. waiting for pr tom was getting boring so yi lin and freda played the piano together. jay chou's secret. ...... when pr tom came, we left the house and got into the van, ready to go snorkelling!

we reached the jeti first to pick up nat and juan, then headed over to the place to meet. pr tom showed us the filipino market and the seas around. we were to meet at a street called "Gaya Street" but we couldn't find aaron or bernice or matt anywhere. we parked next to the sea so as we waited for them, we decided to look into the sea. there were little fishes there that looked alot like ikan bilis. hehe.

kevin arrived sooner or later and he led us to breakfast. we walked by several coffeeshops before choosing one. lo and behold! who was there? none other than mr. matthew loke and his parents. really didn't expect them there so pr tom joined him and his parents while the boys and the girls and benjamin found seperate tables. yi lin and freda had something that looked like wan tan mee, benjamin had something that looked like bee hoon while i had this really big bowl of koay teow soup with one big piece of taupok and fishballs and meat balls and fishcake. turns out i couldn't finish it. haha. the hengs arrived and we ate together. bernice joined her parents with matt's table while aaron joined the boys. they even brought their youngest brother along so he sat with us. he was really quiet so we talked to him for a while.

then it was time to leave. before they left, matt's parents paid for our breakfast so we were really thankful for that. we left the place and jalan back to the van, not by the same way that we came, but by passing through a shop where we bought tarts and char siew pau. they were meant to be lunch during the trip. so we reached the van and went to the jeti.

the name of the jetty is called Jesselton Point.

kinda like our weld quay but nicer and grander. they even had the entire history of the pier on the walls as u come in. the ticket station is big too. every counter had people calling out to you to buy their tickets. not suprising. this is the pier to go to if you wanted to go island hopping around the tunku abdul rahaman park. jia jun met up with us and we got to meet our guide, this sun-tanned dude (i can't remember his name :P) who has experience in this island buisness. he's the man to go to if u wanna go any island. we gave him the diposit money for the snorkling gear and he got it in his hands. then we left the ticket station for the docks.

there's so many boats! that was the first thing that came into my mind. even when i went to redang, there was only one dock for one boat. tourists were coming and going out.

see that? that's only one side. complete the picture in your head with the same amount of boats that u see in here to the otherside and u'll see what i was seeing.
our guide then took us to our boat where we all were given life jackets for safety.we were told to put all "flyables" under the seat so that they won't, u know, fly out. the ride there was so fun; with the speed and the scenary, you wouldn't missed it for the world. the boat man thought we were going to another island which was further from our intended island so he turned the boat so side that we were so close to the water. haha. it was so cool.

before we stepped out of the boat, our guide passed out our snorkelling gear and went straight to the docks. we asked our guide where the best snorkelling area was and he took us there. along the way, we saw that the island had chalets and hotel style buffet cooking. there were even people playing volleyball and stuff. a burial ground for the original settlers on the ground still remainds in the middle of it all. upon arriving at our spot, we immediately changed into our swim clothes and after an important tutorial on how to snorkel and the basic rules of it, we all jumped in.

the bottom of the ocean is so clear when the water is so clear. you could see the sand at the bottom of the ocean and the fishes swiming up and down from the shore. we saw corrals and many other types of fishes. i had to tell myself that these were all God's creation and that there were still alot more where that came from. they all had different sizes and patterns. isn't our God a creative one?

we stopped for a while for lunch. thats where some of us became confused as to where did we put our own food? everyone's food was in a black plastic bag so we just ate whatsoever that we could find la. there was also a slight problem concerning one of the snorkeling goggles but thank God that we managed to find it. with a lot more teasing of course. then we went to the deeper part of the ocean, mainly for divers, and we stuck our head into the water. all that we could see? a big blur of blue. you couldn't even see the bottom of the ocean because it was so deep down there. kevin even saw the back of a stingray. wow.

we went back to the safe zone and rested a while. i who is chicken, snorkeled somemore until a school of fish came beside me. i freaked when i saw the number of fishes that i stuck my head out and screamed "FISH! FISH! FISH!" usually ppl scream like that when they're drowning, but i was being touched by fish. slimy and cold. eww or wow? eww for now. kevin was skipping dead pieces of corrals and they skipped 7 times! wow. then we decided to go to the other side of the island for a different view. some of us bought fish food and fed the fishes there. i saw a unpuffed pufferfish, a blue starfish, some really big looking fishes and a corral that looked liked a brain. seriously, it did. when me and bernice came up to the beach, the others were covering kevin in sand. i must say, kevin looked very "curvy", if u know what i mean... next was nat. we put so much sand on him that it took him so many times to try and get up. haha. then we went back to the spot with everyone. we showered briefly and went back to the boat.
the boat dropped us at the docks and we bid our guide goodbye. as we left we passed by the tourist souvinior shops and played with them. it looked interesting, espeacially when they made music. we went back at 3pm and reached freda's house. unfortunately, no one was home and freda didn't have the keys so she called up her father to pass it to her at a kopitiam that we decided to wait. it was called 818, one of the best places to eat in kk, according to pr tom. we had our full lunch there and there was a cantonese movie going on at the same time. after lunch pr tom dropped the girls and the penang guys plus aaron at freda's house while he left to drop the rest of the guys back.

while waiting for everyone to be ready, freda's mother, brother and cousin came back. it was around 6.30pm at that time. this was the time they usually came back because of band practise which both freda's cousin and brother were involved in. while pr tom talked with freda's mom, yi lin and freda played the piano again. soon, they were joined by elroy, who played a piece with freda. the whole family is musically inclined. wow. we were going to 1Borneo next to meet up with lavinaia and we asked if she was interested in a movie via sms. pr tom really wanted to watch "the international" so we asked if she wanted to watch that. she said that'll watch the movie with us and have dinner with us too.

i chatted with elroy and eva. well, elroy mostly, he was talking all sorts of stuff about me being a girl looking like a guy and crap stuff. don't worry, i deal with this stuff all the time. he's no exception. :P then we left for 1borneo for a night out in kk. we went to SIB Kingfisher to pick up somebody that pastor danny arranged to take us to 1borneo. he took us there and was the one to take the van back from pastor tom before we left sabah.

1borneo...big right? you should see the inside.
we reached 1borneo and we split up. penangnites minus yi lin went to see the pc fair and wanted to go to the cybercafe (yes, they do have one in the mall) while the rest went shopping. everybody else would just meet up later. so we (meaning my crazy over games and gadgets group) went down to the pc fair at the basment. we looked at some stuff and then went to the cybercafe. only problem is, we couldn't find it. so we asked the consieage, twice. with a half and hour interval. finally we managed to. it was called cyberzone and the place was quiet for cybercafe. ppl weren't shouting at their games but playing so calmly.
we decided to play counter-strike source, a game that we always play when we go to a cybercafe. bernice and jia jun came with the other group and then we were all playing cs together. juan was with us too. and....the lady that we were all anticipating finally came: MISS LAVINIA LAM!!! she went shopping at giant before she came so she had some stuff with her. we greeted, sort of. i mean, how do you greet somebody in the middle of a battlefield? i did, scarificing myself. how noble of me. haha :P i introduced lavinia to the rest of the team and taught her how to play cs. she even managed to headshot pr tom! not bad for a beginner... so we played until we went for dinner.
we jalan to a restaurant called new york. western food la basically. i had a nice chicken while the rest had beef, burger, spaggetti (that was nice), chips and even ordered a shared platter. that was huge because it was meant for four people. matt and nat couldn't make it so they didn't join us. jia jun had bought our tickets including 2 tickets for "the confessions of a shoperholic". even freda deflected from wanting to watch a thriller movie to watch the international with us. so after paying the bill which all of us were wondering how to split including using a scientific calculator, we dashed off for our movie which were starting very soon.

the international was...boring. i fell asleep within 20 minutes of the movie despite my biggest efforts to stay awake. the only time i woke up was when it was the gunfight scene because it was really loud and action-loaded. it was cool until after the scene because i fell asleep again. guess the whole snorkelling thing was more tiring than i thought. i woke up again i heard people laughing. the movie was over and i was the only one still in my chair. thank goodness it my own friends that laughed at me because it was other ppl it would really embaressing.

we left the theater with pr tom wondering something. he was anticipating the movie to be about a man doing anything to get his daughter back from a kidnapper but all he got was a political movie. we went past the movie posters and then he found out: we watched the wrong movie! we were supposed to watch "taken" but the actors lokked alike so pr tom confused the two movies. ah well, we managed to watch a movie still :)

the main actors looks alike, no?

we waited for yi lin and jia jun to come out from finishing their movie. it was ok, they said. nothing spectacular.
so we arranged transport for each of us. juan, lavinia, bernice, aaron and me sat in jia jun's car to drop lavinia and us at freda's house while pr tom dropped the rest. juan sat in front because he lived near jia jun i think. we had to drop lavinia back at UMS but there was a slight run in with the guards. but thank God we were able to drop her back at her hostel safely and we waited at freda's house until she got back with pr tom. pr tom informed us that our flight was 7am in the morning so we had to be at the airport to check in at 5am. which means, we have to get up at 4am. and we got home at 12.30am. we had about 3-and-a-half hours to sleep so went to straight to bed. bernice was spending the night with us but aaron went back. she slept with freda in one room while yi lin and i snoozed over in the other at our final night in sabah.

Final Day

i was charging my phone which was at the table next to the bed. because it rang at 4, i quickly jumped out of bed and turned it off. we all bathed and got ready as we packed everything and brought it all downstairs. i nearly forgot m towel that was hanging at the banister. haha.
pastor danny was the one who was going to take us to the airport so we said goodbye to freda's mother, who couldn't come because she had to take elroy and eva to school. we left on pastor danny's jeep and went to the airport.

we met with everybody else at the airport. all the sabahan's parents were there to see us of. pr tom did a final debrief and said goodbye to everyone. we took photos and i finally gave my farewell presents to bernice and freda. i just hope they weren't broken inside :P

soon, we had to leave. the sabahans waved us all goodbye at the security check and we (meaning penangnites) went in. at the waiting laouge, yi lin and i went to the souvinior shop to look around. i finnally remember to buy something back for keat siew so i bought her a wooden purse thingy that has the word "sabah" in front. pr tom told us that after the flight, we were to wait at the tar mat like we did when we arrived in sabah and we were to be the last to leave the plane. before the plane left i thought of each and everyone of the sabahans. man, i missed them already.

the plane took off earlier so we reached PIA 20 minutes earlier. i saw 4 chek and 4 chim at the terminal so i figured they probably came back from somewhere. while waiting to claim our baggage, pr tom gave us some kuih and drinks that matt's mom gave us. i got the coffee milk which really refreshing after the long trip. i gave my mom a call to let her know that i've landed and she was already at gelugor.
so we went to the arrival hall. i never knew that the way there was so short. it was my first time :) when we walked out the gate, benjamin's mother and brother was there waiting and she welcomed us back. nicholas said that he missed kevin. we said goodbye and benjamin went home first. we waited outside where pr tom's parents came first. we were told when we got back, we were to rest the whole day. he also waited with us until our parents came to pick us up. my parents came next and after saying goodbye, i left with my family, including my 2ko.

the first thing my parents noted about me, was that the smell i was emitting as well as i have gone dark. the smell was inveitable, i sweated everyday. the skin colour... well, i might've stayed in the sun too long at the island. the first thing i did went i got back? food, of course! i had curry mee which i had missed for the past 2 weeks. ah...

all in all, i had a great time in sabah and i strongly encourage everyone to go for mission trip. if not, then go to sabah for a holiday. its really a nice place. as for u sabahans, u guys are so missed here in penang! you guys left a great impact in all of us and i hope to see you guys anytime when the Lord permitts. good luck in your future endevours!!!
SYM 2009! YEAH!!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mission Trip (part 12) (rehersal day)

We woke up at around 9, i think. as usual, we prepared ourselves and got dressed. we packed up most of our stuff because this is the day we go back to kk. that's right, our mission trip is over. sob. but our trip in sabah isn't. yeah!

walking to the meeting was a bit of a drag, coz we knew that this was gonna be our last meal here at this asrama. while waiting for breakfast, i got a call from 2ko, asking me for my big-e camp book.pr tom then decided to help out in the kitchen, by making a different kind of milo. while waiting for breakfast, i got a call from 2ko. from there i talked to my dad and then my mom. pr tom even talked to my 2ko. thank goodness i charged my phone to full. if not my batteries sure mati 1. then breakfast was served. halfway into breakfast, the pastor in charge of the entire kota marudu area came. he ate with us so we talked with him. the conversation topics varies a lot. from his family to the satanic bible. we even talked about the SDA beliefs and cults. he had read a satanic bible but he burned it after reading a little of it. he said that in it, wrote that love is God instead of God is love. see how the devil twists God's word?

after makan we continued to talk while matt flipped through the newspapers. i can't remember the name of it but it was a newspaper that covers mostly sabah. kinda like one of our chinese newspapers here. the day the newspaper came was the day after our SPM results day i think. the frontpage itself had students who got straight A's in SPM and stuff. Matt's school was SM Luk Yok so it was only natural that he reconised some of the ppl there on the paper. SM All-Saints, bernice's school, was also featured so she was kinda excited. i shudda bought sin chew or kuang hwa that after the SPM results came out, wanted to see if my school was featured. haha.
talking was the pastor was informative. he didn't mind explaining lots of stuff that was happening in the world and in the kota marudu area. really cool guy. then, freda's brother came to say goodbye. it was time to go to work. later a van arrived. guess who came into the meeting hall? it was none other than the pengerusi from Kg Tagaroh! it felt like a reunion after the entire mission trip. we laughed and shook hands with him. he was the one that was gonna take us back to kk in the van. him coming meant that it was time to go. so we prayed for both the head pastor and pastor jul for their work here in the area. then we went back into our rooms to take all of our stuff and gathered outside at the porch.

the van was one of those big square mercades van that u see occationally. which means, it was a really, really, really cozy van. it was fully air-conditioned, something that we were really thankful for, and the radio was playing nice songs. pr tom arranged us in such a way that some bags were on our laps while most of us had enough space to sit. we thanked pr jul and left the asrama.

we stopped by a petrol station. we were in the pekan so the area kinda looked like perlis town. motor shops and coffeeshops were the most i saw. sure there was still houses everywhere but they were mostly stilts houses. then we left. the road was like a highway with lots of trees by our side. we talked and stuff but since it was a long way, some of us fell asleep. oh ya, lavinia sms-ed her time that she could go out with us, which was the day after this day. so i confirmed with her and just enjoyed the scenary. we even went past our first village so pr tom winded down the window and all of us yelled hi to them. haha. the songs that were being played were indonesian christian bands. they had songs that we usually sang in church translated into malay and even had a song which had both english and malay verses. cool man. because the air-con was so cool and the radio was soft, soon i joined everyone in sleep land.

by the time i woke up, we were already in the outskirts of kk. some of us were already awake so i took this time to take in how kk looked like. it was quite a nice city. trees and buildings joined in harmony. there are a lot of wide rivers and bridges. one tall building even rivaled the height of komtar. they call it the wawasan-something. as freda put it, it looks like a giant battery. it did.
the plan was this, we were to drop freda and pr tom at SIB Kingfisher, where they will borrow the church van from freda's father, pastor danny limpakan. the rest of us will head over to SIB Likas to start preparing for rehersal. so we reached SIB Kingfisher first. it was a shoplot in the highest floor of the row of shoplots. the sign of the church, complete with a blue cross that will evn light up at night. when we reached there, something that was going on in the church just finished, so pr danny was waiting there, and he could see us coz he was leaning on the cement railing overlooking the road. we all waved hi to him while pr tom and freda got out of the van, taking some of their stuff along with them. then we went to SIB Likas.

we came into the Likas district, where kevin kept pointing out some wierd structures inside some houses, including dinsours and bears. wow. and to think i nearly got fooled by him... sigh... i gotta stop being so naive. soon we travelled until we could see SIB Likas by a cross on top of a red roof. that red roof was covering a big building, to which bernice said that it was their main santcuary. we drove into a place in front of some apartments. appearantly, that was where freda and her family had stayed before. the church had dorms. check it out! haha.

but that was not our destination. we were suppose to be at a place called shalom in the church. so after clearifying that mistake with the pengerusi, we drove across the road to a banglow. a sign there says "shalom." guess u can't run away from that.

since its a banglow, there was a field. the floor on the porch had nice moziac tiles on it. there was even a bar top thingy with a high chair. lockers lined the way to the office while a libary was located at the left side of the building. bernice is one of the libarians but she..... :P so we took out all our stuff and put it in front of the libary and prayed for the pengerusi. then we waved goodbye to him as he left. the church office was behind the main room. bernice went in there the first thing because she was gonna work there this year. she was all so happy so see her church people there which see considers wierd coz it was wednesday and her church office dosent open on wednesday. they changed it to monday, according to a woman who bernice introduced me to as aunty vivien. she was the first person that u see when u step inside the office. since i was desperate to go to the toilet after the 2 hour journey, i had to cut short bernice's reunion (sry bernice!) and ask her to take me to the toilet.

we went inside the banglow through what the SIB Likas ppl called the "Powerhouse Room". the youth of SIB Likas (e) is called Powerhouse, just like ours is called Frontliners. it was a room with all sorts of stuff about their youth. they had a surround sound system for watching movies, a carom board (courtasy of bernice and aaron), sketches of their youth leader by one of their members (its really good) and pictures of their events like parties and baptisms. i even found bernice's baptism pic on the wall. younger versions of kevin and matt are also there. i'm guessing when they were 15 or somewhere there. haha. they even had blue couches surrounding the walls. basically, its their hangout room. oh ya, manilla cardboards posted on the wall also stated the rules of the room. cool leh...

we then went into the place where we were to have our graduation. it was a room bigger than the powerhouse room, obviously, and it was carpeted. on the walls hung amour shapped cloths with words that lifts up a heavy soul. a table at the back was there, including a little corner for sound stuff and a adjoining room called the music room. thats where they put all their musical equipement including amps. the bathroom was beside it as well as the other bathroom which was next to the powerhouse room. oh ya, the bathroom, was so nice you could sleep in there. it felt more like your own personal bathroom rather than a public bathroom. it had blue tiles and a mini plants around and a shower corner. really nice.

matt straight away had a meeting. we had to get our stuff ready before pr tom arrived so he asked me to add the names of our lecturers and the subject that they taught into the slideshow while the rest had to do music practise.

bernice led me to the office where i was introduced to bobby, her head youth leader. he was sitting across from bernice's place which was a table with a table, along with lots of files on it. i couldnt say that it was her mess because she hadnt worked behind her desk yet. as i got started bernice began to meet up with her co-workers? as well as updating herself up on all the church events. she left soon because she had music practise. their office was big. it was air conditioned as well as the floor had tiles. u had to walk quitely because the tiles werent cemented on concrete floor, they were laid on planks. the tiles were cold as well so walking on it felt so nice. aaron came in later. he gave me his SYM calender so it was easier for me to type them out (thanks aaron!) he even taught me a better way of doing my naming and labeling the slideshows which did make it stand out more. then he also left for music practise.

halfway into my job, a girl came in. she was talking to bobby really excitedly and as i could see, sanguine type. haha. i kept on doing my stuff until bernice came in to check up on me. she was so happy to see the girl that she intro me to the girl. the girl's name was jia jun. i was like, oh... so this is the jia jun i kept hearing about in their telephone conversations... i was basically done with the powerpoint but i had to ask bernice's opinion. i needed the touch up on it. i just could'nt figure out what. leave it to the pros i guess. halfway through touch up, pr tom and benjamin came in. pr tom came to give a courtasy call and left while benjamin came to tell us to go to the shalom room.

when we got there, pr tom had already given orders to place out the chairs and we were getting ready to practice. we only had until 3 because kevin to leave by then for his JPJ scholarship interview. his mother had already arrived inside the room andjia jun was also there. so we had to posisition ourselves for the performances presentations. since there was no extra doors by the sides, we had to do a one way entrance. the music room would have to be our changing room. the programme would be the same as the grad in penang. just that the testimonies had to be done by the sabahans. it was their moment to shine and we penangnites had to do all that we can to suport them, just like they did for us when we graduated back in penang.

when we got to the worship part, bobby came in to observe us. as soon as yi lin said "pass the time to kevin wong!", he exclaimed out loud, "KEVIN WONG?!" wow. guess kevin being worship leader was a bigger thing than i thought. after the worship practise, kevin's mom was so obviously proud of her son. you could just see it on her face. kevin did change after 3 months. at 3 kevin left with his mom so we continued on with the practise.

with kevin gone, we had to improvise during the drama. it was so funny during the "blinded" drama. because kevin was one of the main leads in the drama, we were all saying his lines to make up for his body. even matt did a super exsagerated removal of his blindfolds. it was really funny. aaron and bernice's father came at this point to see them. i already met him at the airport when we came so we like, hi uncle!" oh ya, and he brought food with him. goreng pisang and fried cempedak. can u smell it? haha. so, the accepted drama was ok because juan and i could cope without him. but the best was still the heart drama. because kevin's char had to be in the scene the whole time, matt decided to play his role. it was really cute because matt had an innocent face on him and he wasn't "bad" enough to play kevin's role. it was so hillarious. heng sr. went back before he could see bernice play her role. the best is to see it with everyone. haha.

it was raining very heavily at that time. so it was only logical after practise that we stayed inside the room. pr tom had a debrief and met jia jun officially. he shortened it to jun. y? dun ask me. i dunno. jia jun was the one in charge of overseeing the grad here. she's 18, just like us. she was supposed to join sym with us but in the end she couldn't. why? again, dun ask me. i wouldn't know at all. all i know is that she's a really fun girl and she knows the best eateries of kk. that is why after debrief, we all cleared up all the chairs because there was gonna be a prayer meeting later, we ate up all the goreng pisang and cempedak (did i mention that they eat goreng pisang with cili sauce?), we took our bags and stuffed it all in the kingfisher van. juan's mother came at this point to pick him up. and since we were going for makan, she followed too. the powerhouse people went with jun while aaron sat with the rest of us in the van to provide directions to the coffeeshop.

it was traffic jam because some schools just finished class so we were caught in it. we went past many housing estates and shops before turning into 1. we saw where the place was but we couldn't find parking. we then went to the back and found a spot there. and so we had our lunch/tea. which was meat ball with noodles. the noodles looked like wan tan mee. they even taste like it too! the meat balls were pork and they served it in a soup like koay teow thng. nice right...? it tastes even better. the sabahans suggested that we even try a drink called "kit chai ping". it was their empla sui phuey or sui phuey peng. i din try it. because i was really in the mood for a hot drink. haha. we talked and pr tom said that he was going for a movie at night together with the penangnites. freda was coming along and bernice too.

we left the placing while thanking juan's mom for belanja-ing us. it was a really kind jesture considering the amount of people and food that we ordered. so we all got into the van except juan who went home with his mother. pr tom dropped us, the girls, at freda's house. we took out all our stuff and met with freda's mom and her younger brother, elroy, and her cousin, eva. she's staying with freda's family because she goes to the same school as elroy. plus, elfreda's mom teaches there too. oh ya, we even met hiro, the dog freda was so happy about. it's gray and shaggy so its cute in a way. pr tom told us that he was coming at 8 and left.

since bernice didn't have her clothes with her, she took this time to relax in freda's room. freda had 2 rooms for us. one was a big room where she shares with her cousin while another was her own personal one. i put my bags in her personal room while yi lin put hers in freda's other room. bernice's hp spoilt at this point so i borrowed her mine. in one phone call, she found out something so she then told me that she couldn't follow us to see the movie. she was gonna go home with her family that will pick her up from freda's house. sooner or later she fell asleep so i used what little time left to bathe and get ready. yi lin bathed first then me. when i came out of the bathroom, yi lin was doing something on the bed but bernice had fallen asleep. i lied down on the bed but soon i also fell asleep. i woke up hearing footsteps and saw freda's father. he was looking for her so i said that she was maybe in the kitchen. then i couldn't sleep but instead i tried by lying down and closing my eyes. again i heard footsteps but i couldn't be bothered to look so i just lied down there. i heard freda's (thats right freda! i was awake! :P) voice going "woah!" and "woah!" at both rooms. assuming that it was because all 3 of us were sleeping, i took this time to "wake up" and she told us that it was dinner time. she went to wake yi lin up while i woke bernice up.

so we went downstairs. pastor danny was leaving for class so we bid him goodbye. then we went to the dinning table with everybody. it was a really nice meal. bernice's family came and we met with the entire heng family. bernice saw her two younger brother's for the first time in 3 months and she was like, they're so tall! i must admit, for a 13 year old boy, being taller than bernice is somewhat an achievement. her other brother was more shy and didn't say much. soon they left so freda's mother prayed for the food and we began to dig in. well, we couldn't eat actually because so ngam pr tom came. pr tom, daniel and benjamin joined us for dinner so those who were going to see the movie had dinner first. pr tom talked with freda's mom after dinner for about 30 minutes and then we left.

going there, i had the chance to see the night beauty of kk. its quite lighted up, espeacially in the high end areas. the cars arent as many as in the daytime so we were quite thankful for that. in the van, pr tom told us that aaron and bernce's parents wanted to take us out for breakfast the next day. this was to the penangnites only. the breakfast was at 8 in the morning while pr tom will come pick us up at 7.30, which meant yi lin and i had to wake up at 6.30 am the next day. ok fine then.

we went to 1 Borneo, best described as the queensbay of kk, only bigger. the place was huge. with even a conceiage counter at the front. we parked in the multistory parking lots and freda led the way to the movie counter. it was gsc to the peak. we decided to watch race to witch mountain. while waiting for pr tom to buy the tickets, yi lin and freda decided to go shop for a while . i saw daniel lining up to but popcorn so i asked him to buy for me as well. manatau when he gave me my stuff, pr tom was all "that" again. oh pls, even after the mission trip, i mean c'mon! freda and yi lin came back on time so we went to the counter where they tear your tickets. we asked if we could bring the video camera in and they said we could, only if we never take it out. so we thanked the guys and happily watched our movie.

it was so nice. i mean, the action and the superpowers, that was what i was looking forward to after all this. kinda was disapointed at the ending but who cares? i got my movie fill :) we left the cinema at around 11 something. let me tell you, the whole place is creepy when they are closed. the lights are mostly off, the people are all gone, and the escalators stop moving. go to queensbay at 12 and u'll know what i mean. they even close the toilets! so we were going around looking for open toilets and thank God we found one on the way out. haha.

then we left the place at 11.45 pm. the roads were practically empty so it was a breeze to go home. when we reached the house it was almost 12 midnight but thank goodness pastor danny was sitting downstairs watching a show so he opened the door for us. pr tom then left while all of us quietly went upstairs to change. we were so tired that we zonked off within 15 minutes after setting the alarm to 6.30 am.

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