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Thursday, June 25, 2009

monday: i passed my driving test.

tuesday: i ate kfc as a reward.

wednesday: i nearly scraped the car with the gate.

thursday: i got my "P" license.

friday: i am going to work for my uncle.

see? my days are pure "joy" on some weeks.

gee, i need to go out more often before i turn into this.

yes it's me
11:46 PM

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father in heaven,
i'm getting sleepness nights over this....
stupid confidence of mine is falling...
man, i'm so sick of this...
didn't even feel this nervous during spm...
oh Lord, grant me strength and everything that i need to pass this driving test...
and i'm sorry that i didn't know how to wish You a happy Father's day...
but to keep on asking from You...
You know me best Father,
let Your will be done.

p/s: oh, and bless bernice on this day coz its her birthday. amen.

yes it's me
11:03 PM

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it was the most gross thing.... and its not fun when you are tired and looking forward to a nice dinner.... especially when its the same colour as your vegetables when you took like, half of the whole plate... and looking at your whole food on your plate... u can discover some of the best stuff to eat... and your face is stuffed with trotter... and you see it... there... undercovering as a vege....

wanna know what i found? look down...

yeap..... a catapillar!!!!
it doesn't really look like the one in the pic coz i din get to tae a photo of it coz i was to shocked to. when i saw it i shouted and ran from the kitchen to my mom who was watching tv in the living room (yes i am capable of doing that). when i showed it to her, she was like, oh, throw it away.
so i ended up throwing it away together with all my vege. oh the horror!!

yes it's me
8:46 PM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

yes yes... i am bored. lately i found myself watching a whole lotta disney shows on youtube. first it was enchanted then mulan then beauty and the beast and then the little mermaid 3 and then a whole lotta songs. man i so like disney.....

yesterday campus had a day of bowling at penang bowl. wow. the last time i bowled was the virtual one on the Wii. and i hated it. i prefer reality. we booked 8 lanes out of the whole 16 lanes = a lot of ppl came. some of the players were first time bowlers. yes we all had our share of longkang balls but we all had fun. i expected my arm to hurt at night as usual after bowling but it din happen. why? dunno. but i'm glad.

i like this. a lot.

yes it's me
5:03 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello hello... I have just come back from perlis darul...whatever. hahaha. just went there for a one day trip with my mom coz its just a 3 hour drive and we wanted to get home by 4 to avoid the traffic jam at the bridge.

what was i doing in perlis? my aunt stays there and my mom needed to give her something so we travelled aaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll(continue this for 3 hours) the way there and we spent some quality time at the kampung. the cage which usually holds the next chicken to end up in the curry pot was empty so that means the chickens are safe......for now.

reached penang by 5 which is pretty good considering the traffic. we din take the bridge back coz we took the ferry. pretty nice to have the wind whip against ur face while staring at the waters.

pretty? yeah i know, its just a dumb ferry.

fun fact:

to all those who can't get enough of touring islands, i live on one. and its not all that fun.

unless its Penang island :P

yes it's me
6:40 PM

Thursday, June 4, 2009

KL Trip

pros: 24 hour air con hotel room, big malls, nice astro channels, different choice of food, things to see...

cons: stupid long roads, confusing signs, expensive food, so many people (even at 4 o'clock food court!) 


fun fact:

my uncle's dogs are so cute.

i miss my old dog.

yes it's me
4:16 PM