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Monday, August 31, 2009


yes it's me
12:22 AM

Friday, August 28, 2009

i wanna see!!!!

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11:56 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scene: kitchen. 2ko is doing something to his dinner.

2ko: *mumbles*
me: what?
2ko: *mumbles*
me: huh?
2ko: *mumbles* -ien...
me: tomorow u wanna talk to vivien? by msn or phone?
2ko: *looks up* who said anything about vivien? i said "tomorow i'll defrost the durian" la...
me: oh....
2ko: *takes out frozen durian from freezer* wow... how did vivien get in here?

vivien, congrats, your name officially sounds like durian. haha.

yes it's me
8:20 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009

hey ya hi ya, guess what i did? I ATE MUD!!

ok ok it wasn't that drastic but let me tell u all abt it...

yesterday morning was RGBC's Friendship carnival. it was held in youth park and in case u don't know anymore, look at my previous post. the one after june's bye bye post. got it? right.

anyways, it started out with a gloomy morning but i had to be there by 8 coz i pakat with camellia to be there then. i oso asked her to bring her mosquito repellent coz mine was taken by my bro to USA so i asked for hers lo.

so i was there at 8. ppl were already there so i just went along to greet the boys like delton and kar liang who already there. we got our free drink and buns coupon from zi yin who then asked us to help distribute to the ppl that were coming in. i told her i couldn't coz i was waiting for camellia to come and help me tie the rafia for the paintball stall so i just followed christopher koe and waited for ppl to come. christopher koe manned the 1st enterance and soon his frens came so i went over to delton's side to wait. i had the rafia in my hands and i was just basically waiting for the insect repellant to come coz my legs were being sucked the life out.
finally, the girl's cg leaders came. clara came carrying a baby pool and a bucket. she look so ko lian so i help her lo. good fren mah... haha... let me introduce the game stalls that were mostly manned by the frontliners:

1) Cans attack. a basic throw-a-ball-at-the-empty-cans-and-win-a-prize game. cell in charge: delton's cg.
2) Fish me up (or known as Catch fishy as clara puts it): the name pretty much tells u everything. u get to keep the fishes as a reward too. cell in charge: clara's cg.
3) Hamster race. yes i know it sounds "huh?!" but believe me, the moment u see the hamsters u won't wanna put them in a race. they were so cute!!! and jumpy too. the game? pick 1 hamster outta 3 available and with a leaf, get them to run across the track to the finishing line within 6 seconds. if u do that, u get 2 tokens. if u get it within 10, u get 1 token. i think. i dunno. i was eating fried pohpia after captainball and i had 8 tokens available so i decided to give it a try. camellia volenteered to play for me so i let her. she got it done in 8 seconds. i got a token. haha.
4) ring toss. this stall wasn't manned by the youth but u get the idea. the "older" cell was in charge of that.

with everyone busy setting up their stall, i quickly got christopher koe (whos earlier post was taken over by an aunty) to help me tie the rafia. after that we pretty much spent time looking at the petrified hamsters.

first up in the events was the line dancing. i really had no idea how to do this so i pretty much followed what everyone was doing. kinda fun when u have ppl who are just as clueless as you do it too. i forgot what was the first song but the second song was billy ray cyrus's song achey breaky heart. that 1 i could follow, problem is, i forgot which leg goes first. hahaha...

then we had the JCPT dancers do a hip hop/contemporary dance for us. they were good despite their look of nervousness in their faces. but they pulled off a wonderfull show. kodos to joanne chow for being able to teach them this.

then we had pr koe say his speach and steven led us in a time of praise songs. then it was the joy kindergarden kids to do a dance for us! cute man... yi wen said a few years ago that was her then suddenly became self consious and felt old. she went to comfort herself with zi yin. haha...
after the dance was the synonimous event of the kindergarden sports day and the carnival competitions. while the kindergarden had their sports day, we the older adults went to the field for the captainball competition.
the rain started as we were going starting the first game. we had a total of 6 teams. the primetimers sent in two teams: passion was represented by "Armpit Exposers" while courage was represented by "the annyonimous". the gen zone had "mighty ladies", group consisting of most aunties in church (actually, i call them all aunties, except for paster sooi lin of course), hamid khan sent in "cili padis", MBS called their teams "12 brotherhood" and "the revolutioners", the nepali workers also had a team; the NS who were invited by pr tom called their team "white resort" after their camp; frontliners youth were represented by "mighty king kong" duelly named by clara (its a combination of some of the boys from the guy cg and the girls cg) while campus had 3 teams!!! namely, power rangers, mighty eunice (named after eunice?? O_O) and flaming chicken (my team!!!).

the rain made it almost impossible to play but we all played anyways. the paintball shoot out counter wasn't having a lot of bussiness coz they were also under the captainball canopy. hamid khan played against the aunties first and while the aunties had a very good defender (Pr sooi lin), the boys still won. we kept shouting at them not to bully the aunties. hahaha. but the aunties were very happy and comforted themselves with "at least we know that we can still run!" gotta love their hummor....... gotta admit. playing in the mud and being knocked down by a bunch of boys but getting up too fight another round is a very admirable trait. the rain kept pouring and the field became more soggy and it flooded the field but we all still continued playing. falling down and diving for the ball just made the game all so much more fun. that's why i said i ate mud :)

we were the last campus team to make it to the wildcard round but we still ended up in 4th place. i was mad for awhile becoz i was open for a long time and i hardly got the ball. i also didn't get to watch the street dancing competition which was my highlight of the carnival coz by the time i finished the match the competition had also finished. so the only breakdance that i got to see was the openning CAM dance. pretty cool if i may add. the street dance competition had guest judges from celebrity fitness so they really know their stuff. ah if only i could see them in action... i went to exchange 10 bucks worth of tokens and used 2 tokens to buy fried poh piah and used 1 to play adriel's stall. adriel said that since i was older he had to give me a harder challenge. he placed 1 tin behind a stack of 3. he did the same for 3 others. i was given 5 balls to take out the cans behind the stacks.

no problem i thought. i really needed to let of some steam but i couldn't say alot coz pr koe was standing next to me. haha. so i took the first throw. i missed coz it went to the middle part of one of the stacks. so with poh pia at one hand and ball #2 in the other, i threw with more strength at the first stack. it contacted but the cans flew everywhere. my mind went into auto mode and threw the rest of the balls at the other stacks. all the cans flew off the table which meant it contacted but 1 can at the back remained.

everyone could see that i was releasing all the anger towards the can so adriel and issac were trying to calm me down. i realised the cans also hit an empty styrofoam box that in the end floated away in the river. i felt so bad but i was finally calm so i was awarded 2 tokens. ok i guess. haha. so i went to the next stall, the hamster race! (ok, adriel's stall was between clara's and jess's stall but since i didn't to want to catch ikan i decided to play with hamsters XD)
cute leh.... i secretly named them after the lim sisters since they brought it but camellia hated it so i decided to name them hamster #1, #2 and #3.

after the captainball prize giving ceremony it was pretty much it. i had 3 tokens so i used to exchange stuff. delton also gave away some of his spoils so i happily took some too :P

extra stuff that came home with me :D

see how much fun we had??? see what happens when u dun believe me when i say its fun??

bu ting li mei yan, chi kui zhai yan qian. :P

stay tuned for the next exciting event happening in my life!

yes it's me
11:42 PM

Saturday, August 22, 2009

hear ye, hear me..... big shoutout to the lady this post is dedicated to....


will be leaving for IMU saturday 22/8, to be a super duper pro DOCTOR!!!!

i had no idea when she was gonna leave until during service just now when she annouced that her orrientation was this monday.

as usual we (her cell group and church) prayed for her before she leaves penang so we were kinda sad to lose one of Frontliners beauties :P

this may be my last encounter with her before she leaves which was kinda awkward for me:

scene: Me leaving main sanctuary door when accidentally bumped into june. (details are a little hazy coz i was really blur the whole time)

June: hey li mei!

Me: hi june!

June: come. (gives hug)

Me: (hugs back shocked) huh?

June: at least i got my goodbye hug from you.

Me: you're leaving already?

June: yeah....

Me: when?

June: tomorow. oh my gosh you didn't know?

Me: no... (details are hazier here) ok... well good bye then....

June: k... bye... (starts to leave)

Me: say hi to melody for me!

June: (gives funny look)


thus is my final conversation with june. i really pray that she will continue to walk with the Lord even with the busyness of kl life + college life. end product? DR KEW (man even typing it sounds so cool... imagine saying it... :P)

June, all the best in your studies and God bless!!! KICK SOME COLLEGE BUTT :D!!!!

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1:09 AM

Thursday, August 20, 2009

breakdance competition......... captainball competition........ food................ games............... paintball shootout.................... what's all this? well look down below and i'll tell yiz....

Ya'll see this??!!! this is my formal invitation to u in this blog..

COME ONE, COME ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the most happening carnival in penang (sorry sabahans :P)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in case u can't see the finer details on the poster (IF NOT HOW THE HECK R U READING THIS?!), its happening THIS SUNDAY (23/8/09) at YOUTH PARK AMPHITHEATRE from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.



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9:19 PM

Friday, August 7, 2009

ok ok... i know i've been putting this on limbo for a long time so heres it.

1. i did not kena ns.
2. the letter was some sort of mistake becouse im not an ex-trainee.
3. my friend who did not kena ns oso got the letter but my my friend who did kena ns did not recieve the letter.
4. the letter was an offer to study engineering at some kolej.

so? do i want it? u know me. guess for yourself :P

yes it's me
12:24 PM